CroxyProxy is an advanced, free web proxy. Utilize it to easily reach your favorite websites and web applications. Enjoy watching videos, listening to music, and staying updated with news and social media posts from friends.

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Free proxy for any device

CroxyProxy employs advanced technology to seamlessly support modern web applications. Unlike other online proxies, it doesn't disrupt websites and supports video and audio streaming, access to various platforms like Google and YouTube, and communication on social media. That's why it stands out as the best free proxy on the market.

CroxyProxy, a free proxy, prioritizes your privacy. It changes your virtual location, rendering you invisible while surfing the internet. All data is encrypted before transfer, ensuring a secure connection, even for older non-secure websites. Our servers are strategically located in the USA and different countries of Europe, offering broad access to websites.

Key features of the web proxy

  • Privacy protection: CroxyProxy shields your real network identity, ensuring your privacy remains intact.
  • Shareable links: easily share links with friends for convenient access.
  • Compatibility: it supports any operating system and device, with compatibility across major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Secure access to old websites: safely open non-secure websites without compromising your privacy.
  • Free basic version: enjoy the essential features of CroxyProxy with no cost.

The best privacy protection

CroxyProxy is a good alternative to a VPN. Unlike VPNs, web proxy traffic remains hidden. You can even open one web page through the proxy and keep other traffic direct, and it's all part of the free service, saving you money.

CroxyProxy is user-friendly; no downloads or browser configurations are needed. It supports various devices and operating systems, including Windows desktops, Android devices, Chromebooks, and more.

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